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I was having problems with mid-term memory, lots of arthritis. Like a typical athlete, I thought it was from training too much and I just needed a little bit of a break. Two years later, I met with Dr. Arakaki at Universal Men’s Clinic and it was a complete life-changer for me. My kids noticed a difference in a week. After 30 days, I started feeling less pain from my arthritis, more joint mobility, my mid-term memory was coming back, and I was able to train like I’m supposed to train, twice a day every day, instead of training twice a day and taking three days off. And, I still had energy to come home and play with my kids. 

Frank Trigg, MMA Legend, Age 42

It came on rather gradually, I think my girlfriend thought it was her, but it really wasn’t. I was losing interest in sex. I tried Viagra, Cialis, all the pills out there, but they really didn’t quite work the way I wanted them to. Then I heard about the clinic and after just one doctor’s visit it changed my life, and my relationship.  

Mic Ferera, Age 47

Well I had a pretty active lifestyle in the military, you know, parachuting, shooting, swimming. When I retired in 2009 I noticed a downward trend, sleeping in late, watching a lot of TV. Since being treated at the clinic, I am definitely more motivated to go to the gym, definitely more confident with my lifestyle and my general presence, and uh, it’s way better at home. It made me a better father to my kids and a much better husband to my wife. 

Chaz, Age 46

Men experiencing sexual disorders typically wait up to two years before seeking help and their first visit can be both uncomfortable and emotional… I have seen grown men cry when they see the help paying off. 

Dr. Charles Arakaki, Universal Men’s Clinic


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