Universal Men’s Clinic is dedicated to helping the aging man to regain his life. UMC specializes in treating low testosterone and erectile dysfunction.


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At Universal Men’s Clinic, we focus on helping men suffering from low testosterone (low T), erectile dysfunction (ED), or premature ejaculation (PE).


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Welcome to Universal Men’s Clinic

Universal Men’s Clinic is focused on improving men’s sexual health and well-being. Health conditions including andropause, erectile dysfunction (ED), hypogonadism, and low testosterone (Low T) are often treated with testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) or similar medical treatments. At Universal Men’s Clinic, treatment programs are customized to each patient.

Request an appointment today to learn more or get your questions answered about low testosterone treatment, erectile dysfunction treatment or testosterone replacement therapy. Find out how the right treatment could improve your energy, stamina, performance, and overall sexual health. Every appointment is professional and confidential. Appointments are scheduled so there is little to no waiting in the clinic lobby.

A Healthy Sex Life Can Boost The Quality of Your Life

Many men think that if brand name medications do not work, there is no alternative treatment for erectile dysfunction or similar conditions. Universal Men’s Clinic has successfully helped men of all ages suffering from erectile dysfunction return to full function, even if they have not had an erection for years, or simply perform better and longer to satisfy their partner.

Physical intimacy and sexual health are vital components of a man’s life. Many satisfied patients have thanked Universal Men’s Clinic for bringing intimacy back in their relationships.

Erectile Dysfunction and
Low Testosterone Treatment

Erectile dysfunction and low testosterone are common and treatable conditions in men.

As men age, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to recover from the everyday stress of physically and mentally demanding jobs. This may be due to a decrease in testosterone levels. Men of all ages can also experience erectile dysfunction. In addition to natural aging, causes may include medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, or medications taken.

Universal Men’s Clinic helps men with low testosterone increase testosterone to normal levels resulting in increased activity and better productivity at work and play. Many UMC patients begin basic exercise programs to enhance the effects of TRT. After a hard day’s work, men with optimal levels of testosterone usually fully participate in life, instead of just trying to recover before the next work day.

Universal Men’s Clinic has successfully helped men suffering from erectile dysfunction regain the physical intimacy in their relationship. Included are those that have not had function for years or are taking other medications. UMC medical providers customize treatment for individual patients by working to find the right medication at the right dosage. The one-pill-fits-all medicine for erectile dysfunction treatment does not work for every man. Some sexual function can be more effectively treated with a topical cream or periodic injections.

For those with ED, medical providers administer a test dose of medication during the appointment. Results from this appointment also provide a baseline assessment of an individual’s functionality and the basis for the right treatment program to restore vitality.

Contact Universal Men’s Clinic today to find out how medical treatments can improve performance, mood, and even overall health by addressing low testosterone (Low T), erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation, andropause, hypogonadism, and other men’s sexual health conditions.

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Men experiencing sexual disorders have typically waited up to two years before seeking help. Their first visit can be both uncomfortable and emotional…I have seen grown men cry when they see the help paying off.

Dr. Charles Arakaki, Universal Men’s Clinic