It’s understandable that men prefer to keep their sex life and erectile function private. Universal Men’s Clinic is an absolutely confidential and discreet medical clinic. We limit our appointments, so every patient is taken to a private room immediately upon arrival. Your examination, assessment, and information are always kept completely discreet.

Each patient is assigned a patient counselor who educates the patient on their doctor’s prescribed solution. Patient counselors will answer all of a patient’s questions pertaining to their examination, assessment, and prescribed solution. Counselors are also available to address patient questions after an appointment.

Many men try herbal remedies or pills, even those prescribed by other doctors, and discover that these options don’t work or they produce unwanted side-effects. You can find the right solution at Universal Men’s Clinic. Our doctors prescribe state-of-the-art, FDA-approved ingredients in the proper dosages to create an exact, personalized solution for each patient. Many men try unsuccessful options before visiting Universal Men’s Clinic. They are understandably skeptical. UMC works with every patient to find the right medication and dosage to meet that patient’s specific needs.

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Proven Results

Medical providers use treatments that are customized for each patient. These
treatments help men of all ages who suffer from low t and ED.

We have a history of satisfied patients through proven results. With a high rate of success, we know our treatments can change your life.

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Our Methods

UMC focuses on boosting male performance through the treatment of low
testosterone and a variety of sexual health issues including ED.

Learn about personalized treatments that improve male performance and sexual health. Universal Men’s Clinic treats men of a wide range of ages.

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UMC has locations in Honolulu, HI, Oklahoma City, OK, Seattle, WA, Portland, OR,
Tucson, AZ, Salt Lake City, UT, Tulsa, OK, Austin, TX, and Sacramento, CA.

We serve the Honolulu, Portland, Seattle, Oklahoma City, Tucson, Salt Lake City, Tulsa, Austin, and Sacramento areas. You are not alone. A trip to Universal Men’s Clinic can change your life.

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